I’m starting a new category: things I definitely don’t like ever (TIDDLE for short, cause somehow that helps).

I was happily knitting away on the back piece of my current sweater design. I had knit about 10 inches when I noticed something awful.

Front piece

Bottom of front piece. See where the pattern begins?


Back piece

Bottom of back piece on which I'd already knit 10 FRICKING INCHES

Do you see it? I started the cable pattern two rows earlier on the back piece.

Now, this is a rolled edge, so ordinarily I’d just try to fudge it when sewing up, confident that it’d be hidden in the roll anyway. But the big problem is that I counted from the edge when doing the waist decreases.

This means the (paired) decreases on the front and back pieces, the ones I purposely intended to be visible at the sides of the sweater, aren’t going to line up. And the cable motif won’t line up either. The mistake would definitely be noticeable.

I wanted to cry. But instead I ripped out all 10 inches and came here to whine about it.¬†And oddly, I feel a little better. So I’m off to start the back over again. Thanks for “listening”. :-)


  1. Pumpkin

    Oh no! I’m so sorry, that is really annoying! I hope that the next try goes better! I’m sure that it will all pay off in the end!

  2. KT

    Gutted! We’ve all been there but it doesn’t make it any nicer. Take 2?

  3. Michelle

    OH, NO! There’s not a lot worse, when it comes to knitting, than having to rip back that many hours of work. I hope the re-knit is swift and easy.

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