Burnished Pattern Book Winner!


The random number generator has spoken:


Comment #5 is Katinka, who said:

“I usually want to knit all the things, all the time, but one specific fall goal is a red sweater. I just **need** a red sweater — it’s my happy color.
Love your cardi coat! Enjoy the time with your little guy — he’s about to get into a really fun stage of interacting back, if he’s not already.”

Congratulations, Katinka! Send me your address in an email to, or a Ravelry PM to otismurph, and I’ll get the pattern book sent out to you!

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  1. Katinka

    Oh, YAY!!! I’ve had a stressful last few months and this is a lovely, lovely pick-me-up. Thank you so much!!! I’ll email you my address right away. :D

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